Keeping Out of Trouble

Posted June 14th, 2014 by marcella and filed in random fun

While I haven’t been doing as much on my “to do” list as I would like, I have been keeping busy with all sorts of random things around here.

Not too much gardening going on this year. The lone strawberry plant in a pot that hadn’t been dug up and eaten by squirrels had lots of baby plants and I’ve had two bowls like this of strawberries to enjoy. Yes, I hogged them all for myself and didn’t share.

gardenberriesThen I actually won something! I read a lot of blogs and every week there are all sorts of contests and giveaways of cookbooks or kitchen gadgets or fabric or quilt patterns or something. I comment and mostly forget about it. On occasion though, I’ll open my e-mail and see that I actually won something. It’s very, very exciting when that happens. Not long ago Sherri from A Quilting Life  shared her adventures at spring quilt market and gave away some quilting goodies she had picked up there. I was lucky winner 2 and won some low volume fat quarters to play with.

lowvolumeNot sure what project I’ll use them in yet. For now I’m just having fun looking at them in my sewing room.

My husband loves to collect e-book cookbooks. He finds all sorts of interesting ones and they appear on my kindle. Recently he got me a copy of Nathalie Dupree’s “Southern Biscuits” and we decided we had to try a new recipe. We decided to make “Big Nasty Biscuits” because they sounded rich and delicious and unlike the ones we usually make were nestled close in a pan to bake up softer. Even the leftovers were yummy and usually day old biscuits are nothing to get excited about.

nastybiscuitsIt’s county fair week here. A friend and I again sponsored a special quilting award and it’s always fun to get to go see the quilts early and choose the winner. This year the award was for Best Two Color Quilt. There were nearly 30 quilts to choose from and we had a tough time picking a winner after narrowing it down to our top three. We finally decided on this pretty red and white star quilt.



This year I only entered two kinds of jam into the fair. I had made the Blueberry Lime jam from Saving the Season and the Lemon Vanilla Marmalade from Epicurious. Both won 2nd place which was pretty exciting.

While at my sisters house I saw that she had a big pan of plums on her counter. Since she’s still hobbling around on crutches I decided to steal her plums (because she couldn’t catch me) no really it was to be nice and turn them in to jam for her so she wouldn’t try to do it herself.

plumjamSuper easy and basic recipe. The plums she had were Santa Rosa plums which have a lovely color and make the prettiest jam, I think. Just wash them and chop them up (no peeling required) and measure out 5 1/2 cups of plums. Cook them in a heavy pan with about 3 cups of sugar (these were tart and I ended up using 3 1/2 cups of sugar) and cook about 20 minutes until it all jells. I like to check by temperature and cook the jam to 220 degrees. Two batches and nine bottles of jam later I was done. Too bad the biscuits were all gone. Guess I should make some more.

And yes, I did take her jars of the finished jam to enjoy. I can be a nice sister, sometimes.

I ended the week by going ollalieberry picking. It was not a banner year for berries – they were pretty sparse on the bushes and much smaller than usual. I did manage to fill one box with just over ten pounds of berries that are now in the freezer until the next time I’m in a jam making mood.

ollalieberriesI have my fingers crossed that I’ll actually get to some quilting next week.

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  1. Katie says:

    I love the quilt–I would have chosen that one too. LOL, I haven’t even seen the others, but it really speaks to me. Congratulations on your own two ribbons.

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