Adventures Lately

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All kinds of fun things have been happening around here.

I just got back from a cruise through the Panama Canal. My friend Anita was hired by a quilting tour to teach some classes on board. She was generous enough to invite me along as her room mate, or maybe I should say entourage :-)

We had a great time touring all over and had fun on the ship. We even got these fancy little certificates to show our Panama Canal swimming skills.

panamaOk, we didn’t really swim _in_ the canal. They had an activity where you could swim across the pool – pushing an inflatable cruise ship no less – while the ship was actually crossing the canal. They even tossed in a bucket of canal water for authenticity. No one got sick so I’m guessing the chemicals in the pool were enough to kill all the creepy stuff in that scary looking bucket of water.

The other unique thing I got to do was attend a Passover Seder dinner. I’d never attended one before. There were about 16 of us and we all got copies of the Haggadah and took turns reading sections. I was able to read my part but had to skip the singing as I didn’t know the tunes and there were no notes in the book to follow. For fun, there was a little song at the end (not part of the service) that I could sing along with since it went to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”

Take me out to the Seder, Take me out with the crowd.
Feed me on matzoh and chicken legs, I don’t care for the hard-boiled eggs.
And it’s root, root, root for Elijah
That he will soon reappear.
And let’s hope, hope, hope that we’ll meet
Once again next year!

The cruise ship provided a nice section of a restaurant to meet in and prepared a really lovely dinner for us as well.

The rest of the time I had a lot of fun running around and participating in tons of activities like the book group (we read The Kitchen House which I quite enjoyed), working on jig saw puzzles, an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (alas, my team got second place), trivia games (Anita and I won the Sweet Treat edition) and even some cooking classes.



The cooking class room was pretty fancy. They had overhead cameras and monitors mounted on the walls so we could see what was happening in the pots and pans up on stage. At each demonstration we got copies of the recipes and got to taste a sample of what they were making.

Home last week and quickly back to the reality of laundry and life. Why is it that vacation seems to somehow generate twice as much laundry as staying home?

But all is not work. I was able to attend a rehearsal of the San Francisco Ballet program 8 which was so fun. On Saturday we took a wander through the farmer’s market and spring has really sprung here! We came home with a bit more produce than expected as there were white peaches and cherries and lovely vegetables that we haven’t seen in months.

While I didn’t sew a stitch on the cruise, I have done a bit of work on my spring embroidery project. Here’s one of the patterns:


Hope your spring has started out well too!

– – marcella


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  1. Katie says:

    The activities sound like exactly the kind of entertainment I would have enjoyed as well. Sounds like a great trip.

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