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Well, this last month hasn’t been what I thought.

I thought I would head off to Las Vegas and visit my family and attend a quilting retreat in Bryce Canyon. Instead of going to the airport I headed off to the hospital and had my appendix removed.

I thought I’d make some progress on some quilts – I had two quilts cut out for the workshops I’d signed up for, and I’d been making good progress on a quilt for my new grand-nephew. Instead I spent a whole lot of time lying about and reading. I did get to watch much more of the Olympics than I’d ever imagined however.

But now I’m feeling much better and spent some time this past weekend in my sewing room.

The spring embroidery club just began. I decided I should really turn each season into a small table runner and so I began plotting designs for my fall and winter hexagons and this upcoming spring project.

In my fabric drawer I found two packets of 2 1/2″ charm squares of Posy that I was given at QuiltCon last year. I started cutting them up for my spring design.

springdiamondsI lucked out being able to center that little rabbit in the diamond. With just a small square of fabric to work with there’s not much room to get picky with pattern placement. The paper diamonds are 1″ on a side. They look like little wrapped candies to me. Now to cut out and baste the rest of them.

I also took some time to sew up a little zippered bag.

wideopenbagI’ve been wanting to make one of these Open Wide zippered pouches for a really long time. I love that typewriter key fabric and was so happy to find some type fabric for the lining to go with it. The bag really went together easily and quickly (even for me!) so if you’re looking for a bag this is a good one to try.

knittingzipbagI did add a grommet to one side so I could use the bag for knitting. This way, hopefully, the ball of yarn won’t go racing across the room as I knit. I made the bag in the medium size on the pattern and it seems perfect for a ball of yarn or other sewing things to fit.

Hopefully we will be going back to life as planned around here!

Although you never know. Next weekend I’m headed off to Las Vegas for that delayed visit. I told my husband that his appendix had better behave.

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  1. Joyce C says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Hope your trip goes off well next weekend.

  2. taria says:

    Golly Marcella what a tough time you have had. I sure hope you are feeling better and no more hospitals are in your future. Take care and be well. Hugs, Taria

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