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“something that makes you uneasy or unsettles you”

Before Christmas my husband’s office had a little party and gift exchange. They played that game where a person picks from a pile of wrapped gifts and opens it and then the others have the option to steal that gift away. The gift my husband received was one of those sandwich makers just like you see advertised on late night TV, should you watch such a thing.

Because he likes breakfast sandwiches and because it is always amusing to try out silly gadgets he decided to give it a try. After a trip to the grocery store for english muffins and cheese he set to work and turned out this:


The gadget more or less worked. The sandwich was eaten, the gadget packed up and it is now collecting dust in the garage.

However, still sitting on the counter are these:


Apparently as fresh as the day they were bought. Yep, here it is, well into February, at least two months after the sell by date on the tag and these things are sitting on the counter looking just as they did when bought.

They aren’t hard or stale. They don’t have any mold spots that I can find. I shudder to think what odd ingredients are in there keeping them life like for so long. It seems there has to be something wrong about bread that doesn’t get moldy.

Like I said, disconcerting.

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  1. taria says:

    that is scary. guess they would be good to store back for earth quakes or other catastrophic events?

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