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We’ve actually been able to use the family room since just before Thanksgiving, but on Thursday we passed final inspection, paid our contractor and so feel finally done.

In the meantime, little bits of the holidays have been showing up.

Last year we went with no tree. This year I put up my little wire tree in the family room and hung a few favorite ornaments on it. It does look a little bit Charlie Brown and could use some other decorations to fill it out, but I think it’s what we’re going with this year…unless an unreasonable burst of energy hits that is.

Backing up in time…the Monday before Thanksgiving with company in the house the carpet man came followed closely by the furniture guys.

Our old couch had gone from this:

To this:

We decided to do the chair in something different. Also, since we now have much more room with that giant brick hearth gone there is finally space for the ottoman.

It’s quite easy to swing the chair and ottoman around and sit with a book in front of this:

Though I only recommend it if you have a good chunk of time. It’s awfully tempting to just sit and read or snooze and hard to pull yourself out of the chair and away from that cozy spot.

The big delay was that black surround on the fireplace. It had arrived bent so finishing off the fireplace was an exercise in patiently waiting for the delivery man to bring a new one and install it. The delay did give us time to paint the room which was also needed.

Even with a bit of a mess downstairs, we did manage to turn out two pretty turkeys for Thanksgiving. The one on the left was done in the smoker; the other was roasted in the oven.

They were both really delicious. In spite of that being far too much turkey for the number of guests we had, we didn’t have any trouble eating it all up.

And now Christmas is just a week away! How can that even be true?


– – marcella

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  1. Katie says:

    I love Mission oak furniture! Yours looks good.

  2. taria says:

    yippee for finished. what a dramatic change with the fireplace. it looks beautiful. hope you have many years of joy with that new room! merry christmas to you and yours marcella. taria

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