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Posted November 19th, 2013 by marcella and filed in quilting

We’ve been working on all sorts of things around here.

First up, we’ve finally decided to change our family room. When we bought the house it was the perfect replica of the Brady Bunch house down to the harvest gold double ovens and metallic wallpaper. Our family room has one wall that is a huge brick fireplace. We’ve never loved the look nor how much space the giant hearth took up.

So, our friendly contractor took it all out. Actually he took more than just the brick and old fireplace out. The hole went up to the ceiling!

Because he had to remove the whole chimney, it meant that he needed to remove a big piece of our nice living room wall too. You know, we really thought that room was done, but soon I’ll be painting up there again.

And since he was on a roll cutting holes in things he added a few to the family room ceiling. I guess I’ll be painting that soon too. But oh, how nice it will be to have a well lit room!

Yesterday the fireplace man came and installed the new gas fireplace into our family room. Things are starting to get put back together, which is a wonderful thing!

With luck it will all pass inspection today and the sheetrock can be installed. We had hoped to have this room all done before Thanksgiving, but I think it will still be in progress. We seem to have a knack for remodeling at the same time we’re hosting a holiday. Keeps things exciting I suppose.

Meanwhile, life moves on and we’re hosting 12 for Thanksgiving. For our Thanksgiving table I needed a little treat. We have a tradition of putting little goodie at each place for family events. I found this cute printable and bought some candy bars and have these all ready for next week. I added a few orange dots to match my napkins and a little sticker on the back that tells what flavor the chocolate bar is. That way, if people don’t like what they get they can trade.

While all this construction has been going on I decided to hole up in my sewing room and make something pretty. I had bought a jelly roll of Scrumptious and decided to use the Lattice Bones pattern I had seen online. I’m really happy with how it is turning out.

The top is all put together. I’m thinking it needs flannel on the back and some simple all over quilting. However, I need to go shopping for the backing before I can go any further.  Also, a friend sent me a stack of fat quarters to make something for my new great nephew so I think I’ll start on that and let this top wait a bit.

– – marcella

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  1. taria says:

    Hey Marcella, I hope you have gotten through all the mess and are settled in to the new room. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hugs, Taria

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