Summer Harvest

Posted October 9th, 2013 by marcella and filed in food

We’ve been very busy in the kitchen over here. I haven’t been as good about photographing or sharing as I should, but here’s a quick recap of the highlights.

After seeing ravioli made on a tv show my husband who likes to make pasta was intrigued. Shortly after that the local paper posted a yummy looking ravioli recipe. A ravioli maker was ordered and conveniently enough zucchini arrived in our CSA box. It was a delicious dinner and easier than expected. Being only two of us we packaged up half the sauce and half the ravioli and stashed it in the freezer for a quick dinner another night.

A drive over the hill to Gizdich Ranch for some apples. We had perfect weather and let me just say that apple picking is loads quicker than berry picking! I didn’t bring home too many apples as I’d already dehydrated 40 pounds of Gravenstein apples from the farmer’s market, but just enough for some caramel apples, a batch of apple sauce to can and a few left over for snacking.

I’d been wanting to can tomatoes again this year after a couple years of skipping that chore. Finally our former CSA posted that they had cases of tomatoes for sale at a good price and to be delivered at a time that worked with our schedule.

This year I was armed with a new gadget – a tomato press. Wow, did that make quick work of the tomatoes! No blanching and peeling and seeding required. Just wash and quarter the tomatoes and into the funnel they go. The skins and seeds are pushed out the end into a bowl and the tomato pulp comes out the side into the larger bowl. It made quick work of the 50 pounds of tomatoes I’d ordered. I made one batch of marinara sauce and the rest became plain tomato sauce.

I had also used the press to make apple sauce and it worked great for that. I’m thinking this could make seedless berry jam a much quicker process than with my little food mill.

After an amazing trip to Mexico we were definitely in the groove for some more spicy food. We came home and made this wonderful salsa verde. We also made sriracha sauce and hot sauce. We liked the salsa verde so much that I tweaked the recipe a little and canned more of it for later. I swapped out the fresh lime juice for bottled lemon juice and adjusted the volume of onions and cilantro using the guidelines here.

Finally I just had to do something about all the turnips that were piling up. We’ve tried many a turnip recipe but honestly we really only seem to love them in soups and stews. It has not been soup and stew weather around here so we had to find something else that might appeal. I had some pickled turnips at a local mediterranean restaurant and loved them. How happy was I to find a recipe?

It was a very simple process of making a brine and pouring it over peeled and cut up turnips and one peeled and cut up beet. The liquid started to turn pink immediately. Now the jars sit on the counter for a week and then should be ready to eat. They are turning really pink; it’s amazing how dark that one beet is making all those turnips!

And, my sauerkraut is still hanging out on the counter fermenting. It should be ready to taste this weekend and then I’ll have to decide if it’s ready or needs a bit more time. I’m hopeful that this time it’s working – no signs of black cabbage or mold so far.

I feel like are cupboards are full and ready for winter – if only the rain would come! We could sure use some rain around here.

– – marcella

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m having fun reading about all your canning! I got one of those strainers a number of years ago and really like it for certain things too. I never thought of using it for fruit in preparation for jam. I usually run my fruit through the meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid. I do strain raspberries to remove some of the seeds though.

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