Progress and Travel

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It’s been crazy as usual here and I’ve gotten quite behind in my quilting progress.

I had pulled out an old unfinished appliqué project and was determined to get the background pieced and the appliqué pieces in place. This will be my project to take to quilt bee and work on each month. It had originally gotten put aside because the original pattern in a Japanese book had almost no instructions (and I do have a Japanese reading friend to help me) and the directions the kit maker had written didn’t add up at all. While a very organized person when it came to labeling a zillion little pieces of fabric, she does not have math skills. I had packed it up in frustration of getting things to fit together and pieces of fabric that weren’t large enough for their intended purpose.

This time I was really determined and after substituting some fabrics from my stash and a lot of measuring and re-drafting I got the rest of the background pieced together into units.

The units on the left side had been completed a couple of years ago. All pieced and the hand appliqué is finished. The middle section now has the little baskets ready to appliqué in place. In the center there will be one large basket with flowers. One the right I still need to add all the little baskets. Adding the rest of the  appliqué pieces should go fairly quickly.

At that point it was time to pack and leave for my embroidery class. Yippee!

I flew into Portland where I was picked up by my quilting friend and we took off driving along the Columbia River. Lots of fun things to see though I think we spent far more time talking than looking.

After a lunch stop for burgers and giant onion rings, it was across the river and into Washington. Rolling hills and lots of farms. It was very pretty.

And wheat, lots of wheat. I guess the farm kick still hasn’t ended.

We stayed in Spokane and each morning took the drive to Reardan. Class was held in the grange hall. We loved this little house we passed each trip.

Class was wonderful we spent two full days playing with embroidery stitches and all sorts of different threads and even some beads.

Looking now it doesn’t seem like I finished enough circles to represent two days but honest, I was really working!

I was very glad I had basted the circles onto a linen background. It was soft and easy to handle. Also, the first day of class I wore shorts and the fabric got flipped while I was working and some of the circles rested on my knees. That gave me really itchy spots! I was glad I wasn’t dealing with a whole piece of wool or I would have been in trouble. As it was, I wore long pants on day two just to be safe.

That night we got to head out to the Buggy Barn shop and enjoy some treats and listen to the teachers speak and share their quilts. It was fun to see the variety of projects that were going on and oogle some very lovely quilts.

Next morning it was back on the road. We did make time for a couple of detours on the way back to the airport.

We saw giant sturgeon at the fish hatchery. There is even a pond with a glass wall so you can watch those huge fish swimming around at your eye level.

To further stretch our legs we stopped at Multnomah falls and walked a couple of short trails.

Then it was back in the car to brave rush hour traffic to the airport.

I’m sure the quilters at FreshlyPieced have been more productive than me. Go see what they’ve been working on lately.

I’m hoping to share my summer embroidery project on Friday, we’ll see if I can finish it off in time.

– – marcella



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  1. Those circles look great! I’m scared of embroidery!

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