Down on the Farm

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For my birthday I wanted to go and tour a goat farm. I know, I know, not the usual birthday celebration. It was something I had wanted to do for a while and my birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to go. Also, less fuss from the peanut gallery regarding my idea of fun since it was a birthday wish.

We took a little walk out to the pasture and got to see all the goats and their guard llamas. Then we got to enter the pasture and discover how very friendly goats are.

It was hilarious how they just swarmed us and wanted to rub up against us and be petted. It was like a bunch of excited puppies except much bigger and with nubby horns. They also loved to nibble on buttons, zippers and any other little bobble hanging off your clothes.

After that we donned most attractive hair nets and got to watch some cheese making. We went home with some yummy cheese.

At that point I suspect my husband felt pretty safe that we were over the farm thing for a while. That would be wrong though. We got an invite to tour another farm the following Saturday. I’d ordered meat and eggs from them previously and they decided to invite their customers for a little tour.

It was actually two farms in one. Two different producers share the land. One raises cattle and the other raises poultry and pigs. The cows and birds rotate through the pastures keeping everything healthy and in balance. The pigs forage in the forest.

We walked out into the pasture and hung out with the cows a bit while we learned about how that side of the ranch works. We also got to “herd” them into a new pasture area. Let’s just say they weren’t terribly interested. Eventually the men who work there got behind them and got the cows to move along. Then we saw some chickens and turkeys and heard about that part of the ranch.

Up by the barn a small area had been fenced off and a couple of pigs had been brought in so we could see them. This one was too lazy to stand up and eat and he just yanked what he could out of the ground while lying there. Such a rough life for a pig. Perhaps he was disheartened by the smell of all the beef they were grilling down by the barn.

It was delicious though and we went home with quite a few tasty meat packages in our cooler.

Now I think we’ve probably done enough farm visits to last us for a while :-)

– – marcella

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  1. taria says:

    Happy Birthday Marcella. Farm sound and looks like a great day!

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