Monday Design Wall – February 13

Posted February 13th, 2012 by marcella and filed in quilting

Actually, it’s been a design table sort of week rather than the design wall.

I’ve been making little bags again.  That bag making bug sure has hit me hard this year.  Who knew I’d like making little bags so much?

It started when I saw a little bag like this.

I thought it was so cute that I went looking for a pattern for the bag.  After very little looking I found directions here and decided to make some bags for Valentines day for some of my friends.

I dipped into my never ending supply of white cotton canvas for the outsides.  And yes, I still have some canvas left over but not too much.  I had red wool for the hearts in my stash as well.  Just a quick trip to the store for some zippers and a little Valentine theme fabric for the lining and I was ready to go.

Naturally, I messed with the instructions a little bit.  I sewed the front, zipper and lining in one seam. I skipped clipping the seam because it’s an inner curve not an outer one so what is the point?  Just a time waster in my mind.  I also skipped the binding on the bottom seams.  I used a wide zig zag set close together instead.  It made a neat finish and was very quick and easy.

The bags went together very quickly.

Before I knew it I had eight all finished.  I put a few treats of the chocolate sort inside and had fun giving them out to some of my friends.

Back to quilting this week.  I need to get moving on my unfinished project for February.  The month is half over and I haven’t even started on it yet.

Check out the links here and see what other creative quilters are up to this week.

– -marcella

5 Responses to “Monday Design Wall – February 13”

  1. AnnieO says:

    Darling! Sounds like you hit all the right shortcuts to make gift giving quicker.

  2. Jane says:

    Way cute! Another item on my list of things to try. You do them very well!

  3. Katie in AZ says:

    I love them! Now I wish I’d seen this earlier so I could make some for my lady friends as well.

  4. Pat Sloan says:

    Happy Valentines day and thank you for sharing at my blog!

  5. Heather says:

    What a sweet gift to give to your friends! I’ll bet they just loved them. :o)

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